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Built Green

Built Green® is an environmentally-friendly, non-profit, residential building program developed in partnership with the Central Washington Home Builders Association, Washington State Department of Ecology, and other agencies in Washington State to provide you with a healthier, more efficient house.

Built Green® incorporates environmental considerations into every phase of the home building process. That means that during the design, construction, and operation of a home, energy and water efficiency, lot development, resource efficient building design and materials, indoor environmental quality, homeowner maintenance, and the home's overall impact on the environment are all taken into account.

Built Green® homes are attractive, comfortable, durable, environmentally-friendly - and save you money to own and operate. Participating Built Green® builders craft these resource-efficient homes to exceed building codes and provide homeowners with years of healthy, quality living, while protecting our precious Northwest environment.

The program provides consumers with an easy-to-understand rating system, which quantifies environmentally friendly building practices for new home construction.

Sustainability Foundation

The Sustainability Foundation was established primarily to help educate people about new building methods that contribute to the well-being of our state and its natural environment. The founders have many years of combined experience in the home building industry as well as in the green home building industry. Our goal is to share the knowledge we've gained with anyone who is interested in green building, particularly in Washington State.

Mission - The Sustainability Foundation (SF) is a Washington State non-profit corporation with the mission of promoting balanced development by providing education, resources, research, technology and communications programs.

Overview - We have facilitated the development of sustainable building demonstration and research projects and developed training, marketing and communications programs that support sustainable building and its associated businesses. We also provide technical support to projects that provide sustainable educational opportunities.

Green Energy Management